Egypt's Senate to discuss a new law on supporting disabled citizens on Sunday

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 15 May 2022

The Senate – Egypt's consultative upper house – will reconvene on Sunday to discuss a legislative amendment to the law regulating the fund for supporting disabled citizens (Law 200/2020) drafted and submitted by the parliamentary majority party of Mostaqbal Watan (The Nation's Future).

File Photo: Egypt s Senate. Al-Ahram
File Photo: Egypt s Senate. Al-Ahram


Article one of the law states that its name will be changed to be "The Law on the Fund for Supporting the Capable Citizens with a Difference." The fund will be affiliated with the presidency and located in Cairo, though branches can be opened in all governorates.

Article four states that the fund will be run by a board of directors to be tasked with drafting its internal bylaws and its technical, administrative and financial regulations. The board will have complete free powers to achieve the fund's objectives in an economic and sustainable way.

Article seven states that the fund's money will be used to build hospitals and health units for disabled citizens. "It will be also used to rehabilitate disabled citizens in order to be integrated into society in terms of organising professional training programmes," said the article, adding that "the fund will also help disabled citizens set up small-scale and medium-scale productive projects with good economic returns."

The fund will also help disabled citizens participate in sporting, cultural and social activities, and provide support for those who show talent. "The fund will also spend on programmes, forums and conferences aiming to spread social awareness of the rights and requirements of disabled citizens, and creating job opportunities for them," says article seven.

The Senate will also discuss 12 reports prepared by its committees on proposals submitted by members. The proposals cover different topics ranging from the works of restoring old Cairo's monuments, localising industrial production and boosting exports and initiating a new strategy for the private sector.

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