Western double standards in dealing with the Ukrainian and Palestinian issues: FDHRD’s report

Ahram Online , Monday 30 May 2022

The Freedom of Speech and Expression Programme in the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue stressed that the west has shown double standards and duplicity in dealing with the Ukrainian and Palestinian issues.



The Egyptian non-governmental organisation issued on Monday a new report titled ‘Double standards...between the war in Ukraine and the Palestinian cause’ to compare the western response to the Ukrainian crisis and the Palestinian issue.

The report emphasised “the stark” difference in the media coverage in regard to language, headlines, and narratives.

“The language used in western media to discuss both crises uncovered the duplicity and double standards of the US and European media in their claims of objectivity,” the report said, adding that “their objectivity was simply thrown out of the window in their coverage of the war in Ukraine.”

Western media outlets were “mostly positive” while reporting on the Ukrainian resistance, but when it came to Palestinian resistance, they are “either negative, or rarely objective at best” despite the fact that both resistance efforts are against an illegal occupation.

Moreover, they are “fiercely positive” in the coverage of the condemnation of Russia, or the sanctions imposed on it, however, they are “wary at best” of any sanctions or boycotts of the Israeli state.

Moreover, most acts of support to Palestine by celebrities are portrayed as “antisemitic”, the report stressed.

As for western governments’ reactions, the Russian attack on Ukraine was met with “a very swift and clear” stance by said governments in which “they unanimously and clearly condemned the attacks.”

However, the response to Israeli aggression towards Palestine has always been hesitant and vague at best, the FDHRD said, citing their call for all sides to exercise "self-restraint."

The report also shed light on reactions of the international organisations and companies, saying they have long maintained their apolitical stance when it comes to boycotting Israel, and yet have cited a legitimate and necessary moral response to Russia’s violation of international law and human rights in Ukraine.

“International human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have also shown their bias,” the report said.

Moreover, multinational businesses are encouraged to boycott Russia and stop all their operations in Russia, while the same businesses have no problem in participating in the Israeli apartheid system.

The report also clarified that the extent of the duplicity and double standards revealed by the recent crisis is blatant.

“The treatment of victims of war violence depends on the colour or the origin of the victims and the political alliances of the perpetrators,” the FDHRD said, adding that such acts showed that international law and human rights are just tools that the west uses when it deems them appropriate.

The report concluded by emphasising that human rights are universal and do not accept division in humanitarian crises nor adhere to them for the individual interests of some countries at the expense of others, representing the capabilities of the most powerful politically and militarily in the international community.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) "is an Egyptian non-governmental organisation, which was founded in order to cultivate an open dialogue regarding development and human rights both in Egypt and abroad. It works to ensure that development is community-led and that it respects, protects, and fulfils human rights."

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