Egypt to start national dialogue Tuesday with first board of trustees meeting

Amr Kandil , Sunday 3 Jul 2022

The newly formed 19-member board of trustees of Egypt's national dialogue will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the dialogue between political forces called for by the president in April.

Clockwise from top-left: NCW President Maya Morsy, journalist Abdel-Azim Hammad, political researcher Samir Morcos, human rights lawyer Negad El-Borai, journalist Mohamed Salmawy, and former minister Gouda Abdel-Khalek


The meeting will be held at 1pm at the headquarters of the National Training Academy (NTA), said Diaa Rashwan, general coordinator of the dialogue and head of the Journalists' Syndicate, in a statement on Sunday.

During the meeting, the board will review details and schedule of the dialogue activities, take required decisions on them and disclose them to the public opinion, Rashwan said.

This aims to ensure public engagement in the dialogue through various direct and electronic means, Rashwan explained.

A press conference for Egyptian and foreign media outlets will be also held following the board's meeting, ensuring the processes’ transparency and making sure that updates are immediately available to the public, Rashwan noted.

He stressed that this right will be guaranteed for the public throughout the events and activities of the dialogue.

Rashwan has previously affirmed that the country will hold its first sessions of the national dialogue during the first week of July.

In a dialogue with the press on Tuesday, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said the state has launched the national dialogue between all intellectuals, syndicates, and political forces. He added that only one faction is exempted from the dialogue, in reference to the terrorist-designated Muslim Brotherhood group.

El-Sisi explained that this faction had rejected his proposal in July 2013 to hold early elections to resolve the crisis after people protested against them and instead, resorted to "warring."

If one [chooses] warring then there is no common ground for dialogue and discussion, the president stressed.

El-Sisi called for the dialogue during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet on 26 April for “all political forces without any exceptions or discrimination."

Various political parties and forces have welcomed the step and expressed willingness to join the dialogue.

Rashwan has affirmed that no one will be excluded from the presidential call for national dialogue except those who have blood on their hands or carried out terrorism or violence.

Late in June, the administration of the national dialogue announced a diverse board of trustees that include parliamentarians, journalists, professors and officials.

In remarks to media, Rashwan said the dialogue’s board of trustees will be in charge of the coordination process of the multi-directional, multi-stage dialogue and will take final decisions on the dialogue’s preliminary results to be submitted to the president.

Rashwan has affirmed that the dialogue will be conducted within a framework of freedom of opinion and discussions by well-informed experts.

Invitations have been sent to hundreds of Egyptians inside and outside the country, Rashwan said last month, noting that the dialogue has not been rejected by any of the political forces.

Those willing to join the dialogue can submit their requests at the National Youth Conference’s website.

The dialogue’s administration is also receiving proposals and inquiries via WhatsApp at 01025521555 - 0109388883.

The dialogue comes amid steps taken by the country to advance its human rights situation as part of the National Strategy for Human Rights launched in September.

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