Egypt’s National Political Dialogue agrees on social issues to discuss, voices appreciation for pardons

Ahram Online , Saturday 30 Jul 2022

The board of trustees of the National Political Dialogue (NPD) during its meeting on Saturday agreed on which issues would be discussed from the dialogue’s social track and also expressed its appreciation for the recent presidential pardons for political activists.

The board of trustees of National Political Dialogue
The board of trustees of National Political Dialogue during its meeting on Saturday 30 July, 2022.


The board issued the statement on Saturday evening following their meeting at the headquarters of the National Training Academy in Giza’s Sheikh Zayed city.

The board agreed to discuss five main issues from the social track: education, health, overpopulation, family and social cohesion and the national culture and identity.

The statement added that the board established a sub-committee for each of the five main issues.

During the meeting, the board of trustees also expressed their appreciation for the latest presidential pardons that have been recently issued involving political activists.

According to Diaa Rashwan, chairman of the Press Syndicate and coordinator of the NPD, more than 700 prisoners have been pardoned since the re-activation of the Presidential Pardon Committee in April.

The board decided to re-convene on Wednesday at 12pm to identify which issues from the economic track will be discussed, the statement read.

Saturday’s meeting was the third meeting for the NDP’s broad of trustees after the formation of the board.

In the first meeting on 5 July, the board agreed on bylaws as well as the dialogue's 25-article code of conduct and ethics.

During the second meeting on 19 July, the board agreed on the formation of three sub-committees under the political track: the local councils committee, human rights and public liberties committee and the party and electoral system and parliamentary institutions committee. 

El-Sisi called for the national dialogue and reactivated the Presidential Pardon Committee on 26 April during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet.

The president has urged all political forces to participate, stressing, however, that the terrorist-designated Muslim Brotherhood group would not be invited.

In the previous statements of Rashwan, it was revealed that the Egyptian president promised to attend the final stages of the dialogue since he seeks to listen to all opinions and also has the authority to submit drafts to the legislative bodies as per the constitution.

He also added that all have agreed that debates will not include voting on ideas or proposals since voting would exclude one or another opinion, he stressed, adding that in the end all proposals will be considered and submitted to the president.

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