Egypt's disputed parliament to discuss HCC ruling Tuesday

Ahram Online, Monday 9 Jul 2012

Tens of cases are filed against Morsi's presidential decree; Parliament Speaker Katatni says People's Assembly set to meet Tuesday to discuss HCC ruling

Egypt's Parliament headed by Saad El-Katatni (Photo: Reuters)

Parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni told the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party newspaper, Monday, that the People's Assembly would hold its first session on Tuesday, following the recent presidential decree reinstating the legislative authority.

According to the Brotherhood's daily, the lower house of parliament is set to discuss how to implement the 14 June ruling by the High Constitutional Court (HCC) which declared the parliamentary elections law unconstitutional.

On Sunday, President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree in which he asked the People's Assembly to reconvene, revoking the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces' 15 July decision to dissolve the legislative body.

MP and member of the FJP's Executive Bureau, Saad El-Husseini, who applauded Morsi's actions, confirmed during a Monday interview with Egyptian private channel Dream TV that the People's Assembly will be investigating the HCC ruling.

The parliament is expected to discuss the fate of one third of the parliamentary seats reserved for individual candidates that political party candidates had been permitted to contest, leading to the HCC to declare the third unconstitutional.

El-Husseini suggested that reelections could be held for these seats after a new constitution is drafted. 

Meanwhile, tens of cases have been filed against the presidential decree, denouncing it as a violation of the judiciary's authority as well as a rejection of the validity of constitutional court verdicts.

Alexandria's administrative court is set to look into one of the cases calling for the suspension of Morsi's presidential decree on Tuesday. 

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