Karama Party says Tantawy was not pressured to resign as party leader

Nada Nader, Monday 15 Aug 2022

The Egyptian leftist Karama Party says that its outgoing and currently Lebanon-based head Ahmed Tantawy was not pressured to quit his position or leave the country.

Karama Party


The party released a statement on Sunday in response to news reports alleging that Tantawy resigned after he penned an article that was critical of the Egyptian government. The reports claimed that Tantawy was then pushed to resign and travel abroad.

Citing two members of the Karama Party, the report alleged that Tantawy was asked to retreat from political affairs after he criticised the ongoin National Dialogue proposed by Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

The party's statement dismissed the claims made in the report, denying that it or any of its members pressured the party leader to submit his resignation. This “would never happen,” the statement reads.

In July, Tantawy, a former parliament member, submitted his resignation as party leader and delegated his duties to the party’s deputy head. The party has not formally accepted the resignation so far, and the matter will be referred to the party's general assembly slated for December, the statement said.

The statement added that the reasons behind Tantawy’s departure to Lebanon is for Tantawy himself to reveal.

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