Egypt sparing no effort advancing democracy, achieving sustainable development: House speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Thursday 15 Sep 2022

Egypt is adopting a culturally appropriate formula of democracy based on fair representation of all society's forces in parliament while also achieving social justice and sustainable economic development at the same time, said Egyptian Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafy El-Gebaly on Thursday.

Hanfi EL-Gbaly
Ahram Gate Photo


El-Gebaly’s remarks came during his speech at a debate workshop organised by the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) on the 25th anniversary of the Cairo Declaration of Democracy on Thursday where he reviewed the Egyptian state’s efforts to advance the values of democracy.

"Egypt is sparing no effort advancing the values of democracy in terms of integrating all society's classes into the democratic process and ensuring a fair representation for all of them in the country's two parliamentary institutions: the House of Representatives and the Senate," he said.

El-Gebaly further stated that "at the same time Egypt is advancing democracy with the objective of helping the most vulnerable classes get access to their basic rights and achieving a kind of sustainable development for them.”

He praised the positive and constructive role of the IPU in advancing the values of democracy, a principle which is considered a cornerstone and a basic condition for the creation of a rational and wise government.

"The celebration today of the 25th anniversary of the International Declaration of Democracy, which was endorsed by IPU in Cairo in September 1997, represents an opportunity for delivering a candid and objective evaluation of democracy and correcting the shortcomings which tarnished this principle over time," said El-Gebaly.

In this respect, El-Gebaly criticised "the exercise of some who always seek to impose concepts and traditions without observing the religious and cultural particulars of societies, not to mention that they also like to ignore the right of peoples in self-determination and fighting their occupiers and invaders."

"This is a very arrogant style and puts the values of democracy at stake, not to mention that it sows the seeds of internal divisions and conflict among peoples instead of extending bridges of dialogue, cooperation and civilised integration among them," he said.

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