Egypt's national dialogue approves regulations governing subcommittees, rapporteurs' tasks

Ahram Online , Sunday 18 Sep 2022

The Egyptian National Dialogue's Board of Trustees has approved the regulations governing the work of subcommittees during a meeting held on Saturday in the presence of the general rapporteurs and assistant general rapporteurs.

Egypt s National Dialogue


The board of trustee has determined the tasks of all committees' rapporteurs and agreed on a code of conduct for the dialogue's sessions, the board said in a statement released on Saturday evening.

The board has also called on political and civil society entities to hold public dialogues in the various governorates and to report their results to the board of trustees so as to ensure equal access to all segments of Egyptian society.

The board also encouraged all groups of Egyptian society, including political parties, civil society, public figures, experts, researchers as well as citizens to submit their proposals and visions through the official website during the sessions of the subcommittees, "in order to ensure the expansion of the base of participation and representation of all segments of the country," the statement added.

In early September, the 19-member board of trustees completed the selection of rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for the subcommittees of its three main discussion tracks - political, economic, social - as the board continues preparations for the start in its earnest of the dialogue that was called by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi last April.

The political track includes five subcommittees: the exercise of political rights and the parliamentary representation; municipalities; human rights and public freedoms; political parties; and civil society and syndicates.

The economic track includes eight subcommittees: inflation and high prices; public debt, budget deficit and financial reform; public investments priorities and state ownership policy; private investment (domestic and foreign); industry; agriculture and food security; social justice; and tourism.

The social track includes six subcommittees: education and scientific research; health; housing; family and social cohesion; culture and national identity; and youth.

The 50 participants in the national dialogue's three main tracks and subcommittees include opposition figures, human rights lawyers, parliamentarians, former ministers, academics and experts.

In previous statements, Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the dialogue, explained that policy recommendations reached by subcommittees would be sent to the board of trustees that will then forwarded to the president for consideration.

On 26 April, El-Sisi called for conducting a national dialogue between national forces during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet, urging all political forces to participate.

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