Egypt's Senate elects chairmen for its 14 committees

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 5 Oct 2022

After holding three procedural meetings on Wednesday, the Senate – Egypt's upper consultative house – wrapped up by electing the leading posts of its 14 committees. As expected, parliament’s largest party Mostaqbal Watan (MW) won most of the posts, with seven of its leading members elected chairmen of the 14 committees.

File Photo: Egypt s Senate. Al-Ahram


Senate speaker Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek said the election was held in a democratic climate marked with fairness and transparency.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Alaaeddin Fouad said the government has high hopes that there will be fruitful cooperation with the Senate in serving the Egyptian people and containing the negative economic impact resulting from the war in Ukraine.

The new make-up of the Senate's 14 committees is as follows:


The Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee

Chairman: Aballah Mahmoud Assr (MW)

First deputy: Baher Ghazi

Second deputy: Mohamed Shawki Abdel-Aal

Secretary-general: Farag Fathi

The Financial, Economic and Investment Affairs Committee

Chairman: Hani Sarrieddin (Wafd Party)

First deputy: Gamal Abdel-Halim

Second deputy: Yasser Zaki

Secretary-general: Akmal Nagati

The Foreign, Arab and African Affairs Committee

Chairman: Hazem Omar (chairman of the People's Republican Party)

First deputy: Samaa Soliman

Second deputy: Effat El-Sadat

Secretary-general: Aida Nassef

The Defence and National Security Committee

Chairman: Osama Kamel (MW)

First deputy: Tarek Nosseir

Second deputy: Mohamed Gad

Secretary-general: Khaled Fawzi

The Industry, Trade, Small, Medium and Micro-Scale Enterprises Committee

Chairman: Mohamed Halawa (MW)

First deputy: Mohamed El-Manzalawy (owner of a private financial brokerage company)

Second deputy: Tayseer Mattar

Secretary-general: Ahmed El-Guindy

The Senate's Agriculture and Irrigation Committee

Chairman: Abdel-Sallam El-Gabaly (independent)

First deputy: Amr Abul-Seoud

Second deputy: Mohamed El-Sebaie

Secretary-general: Gamal Abul-Fotouh

The Energy, Environment and Labour Force Committee

Chairman: Abdel-Khaleq Ayad (MW)

First deputy: Amro Ezzat

Second deputy: Magdy Abdel-Rehim Selim

Secretary-general: Noha Ahmed Fathi

The Youth and Sports Committee

Chairman: Ahmed Abu Hashima (deputy chairman of the People's Republican Party).

First deputy: Sherif Farag

Second deputy: Ahmed Diab

Secretary-general: Mohamed Emara

The Education, Scientific Research, Telecommunications and Information Technology Committee

Chairman: Nabil Diibis (chairman of the Modern Egypt party)

First deputy: Ahmed El-Badri

Second deputy: Randa Mostafa

Secretary-general: Nageh Galal

The Housing, Local Administration and Transport Committee

Chairman: Khaled Said (MW)

First deputy: Fayez Ibrahim Mohamed

Second deputy: Akmal Allah Farid

Secretary-general: Ahmed Sabbour

The Health and Population Committee

Chairman: Ali Mahran (MW)

First deputy: Amro Hussein

Second deputy: Hussein Khedr

Secretary-general: Ahmed Abdel-Maged

The Human Rights Committee

Chairman: Mohamed Hiba (MW)

First deputy: Abul-Fotouh Mohamed

Second deputy: Mohamed Magdi Farid

Secretary-general: Rasha Nasr

The Culture, Tourism, Antiquities and Media Committee

Chairman: Mahmoud Mossallam (Independent)

First deputy: Mohamed Said

Second deputy: Soha Said

Secretary-general: Mahmoud El-Kut

The Religious and Waqf (endowments) Affairs Committee

Chairman: Youssef El-Sayed (Independent)

First deputy: Mohamed Selim

Second deputy: Nader Selim Nessim

Secretary-general: Khedra Salem


Senate speaker Abdel-Razek announced that the Senate's coming plenary meetings will be held on 10 October.

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