Sisi congratulates Egyptian people, Arab and Islamic nations on Prophet Muhammad birthday

Habiba Hamdy , Saturday 8 Oct 2022

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi congratulated the Egyptian people and the Arab and Islamic nations across the world on the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad – Moulid El-Nabi.



"On this day, the eternal light of prophecy illuminated all of humanity, lifting the clouds of ignorance and illusion," the president wrote on his Facebook and Twitter accounts on Saturday.

The anniversary of Moulid El-Nabi, which is celebrated on the 12th day of Rabie El-Awwal (the third month of the Islamic calendar), falls this year on Saturday 8 October according to the Gregorian calendar.

"May Allah’s peace and prayers be upon our honourable Prophet who was a unique role model of virtuosity.  Let us make this redolent memory a beacon, a method and a model that solidifies our resolve and determination in building our lives and future," El-Sisi added.

On Wednesday, the president attended a ceremony held by the Ministry of Religious Endowments to celebrate Moulid El-Nabi.

During his speech at the event, the president stressed that "one of the most important lessons learned from the Prophet is confronting difficulties and challenges with determination and tirelessness."

First lady Intisar El-Sisi also greeted the Egyptian people and both the Arab and Islamic nations on the occasion.

"This blessed occasion inspires us to reflect on the true meanings of mercy, love, humility and true will," she wrote on her Facebook page today.

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