Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide meets Hamas leader Khaled Meshal

MENA, Saturday 21 Jul 2012

Mohamed Badie welcomes Hamas's politburo chief in Cairo for talks, including on Palestinian reconciliation

Mohamed Badie, supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, met Saturday with Hamas leaders, including Khaled Meshal, at the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo.

In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood said Meshal complimented the electoral process in Egypt, underlining that the Arab world is waiting for Egypt to present a model to follow in unity, freedom and democracy.

Badie emphasised the necessity of swift reconciliation between Palestinian political forces, while Hamas leaders expressed appreciation for efforts exerted by Egypt towards this end.

Meshal arrived in Egypt Wednesday and is expected to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who is in Cairo for discussions with President Mohamed Morsi on reconciliation between Palestinian political groups.


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