Egypt's national dialogue to discuss 113 subjects on political, economic and social reform

Gamal Essam El-Din , Tuesday 17 Jan 2023

Egypt's national dialogue will discuss 113 subjects covering political, economic and social reform, said Mahmoud Fawzi, secretary general of the national dialogue.

Mahmoud Fawzi, secretary general of the national dialogue
Mahmoud Fawzi, secretary general of the national dialogue


"The dialogue's board of trustees have finalised preparing the issues which will be a matter of debate on the table of the national dialogue. The subjects will be 113 in total and that these will be broken as follows: 20 for the political track, 44 for the economic track and 49 for the social track," Fawzi said during TV statements on Monday evening. 

"This is not a big number as some might think but it shows that the national dialogue will be open for all and that all issues will be on the table," said Fawzi.

"The most important thing is that we will not have a predetermined scenario or what is called ‘the one opinion’ dialogue," said Fawzi.

He also indicated that the board of trustees have also finalised the lists of participants in the dialogue and members of each of its 19 subcommittees.

"The dialogue's board of trustees have so far held 18 sessions. At the beginning there were some differences among members in the early sessions, but with the passage of time we were able to reach consensus and build confidence," said Fawzi.

Fawzi's statement comes few days after Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the national dialogue, said that the dialogue's sessions will kick off "very soon and within few days." Rashwan attributed the delay in launching the dialogue to the failure of some political parties to name their representatives to the sessions.

He said the board of trustees will hold a final meeting this week, after which the final date of the dialogue's kick-off will be announced.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi called for a national dialogue last April. He said he has high hopes that the dialogue would draw up a roadmap for the country's political, economic and social priorities over the next decade.

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