Wafd Party calls for dissolving the Parliament

Ekram Ibrahim , Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

In a speech Tuesday night, the Wafd Party's chairman called for the formation of a 'saviour government' to alleviate the woes of the Egyptian people, as the party decided to take part in the 'day of anger

The Wafd Party called for dissolving the current Parliament and making a “saviour government” which would work to put together a new system that could solve the problems of devastated citizens across the country, according to Sayed El-Badawi's speech in a press conference, Tuesday night.

The press conference came after the party’s decision to engage in the 'day of anger' which was the first time the New Wafd Party took part in civil protests.

Ramy Lakah, a member of the party’s governing body, was seen yesterday protesting in Tahrir Square.

During the press conference, El-Badawi, called for the creation of a new Parliament based on fair elections which would form a new committee to propose new laws for political activism in Egypt.

The Wafd Party chairman concluded that Egypt is witnessing the consequences of having one political party in power for more than 30 years.

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