Egypt's Constitution Party aims to offset Islamist political influence

Ahram Online, Tuesday 24 Jul 2012

Mohamed ElBaradei's Constitution Party asserts that Egypt's sought-for national renaissance cannot be achieved by single political force, no matter how powerful

Mohamed ElBaradei
Mohamed ElBaradei (Photo: Reuters)


Egypt's Constitution Party, founded by prominent reform activist Mohamed ElBaradei, stated on Tuesday that it aimed to "balance" Egypt's political landscape against the rising influence of Islamist political parties.

In a statement, the party expressed the belief that Egypt's sought-for national renaissance could not be achieved by a single political force, no matter how powerful.

The Constitution Party asserted its wish to make its slogan – 'Raise your head up high, you're Egyptian' – a tangible reality by way of legislation guaranteeing liberties to Egyptian citizens.

The statement also stressed that Egypt's January 25 Revolution had established freedom and justice as its primary aims. Freedom, however, does not only mean people should have the right to choose their leaders, the statement noted, but it also means freedom and independence from foreign hegemony.

The statement went on to point out that the notion of justice was not only a moral concept, but a social and economic necessity if Egypt was to achieve national revival. The party statement defined "justice" as "every citizen's legal right to employment, shelter, education and healthcare."

The statement added: "In our effort to achieve social justice and abolish poverty and illiteracy, we do not aim to impoverish the rich, but rather to help the poor by supporting extensive economic and social development."

"The January 25 Revolution was based on the notion that freedom and justice can only be achieved through national unity," the statement went on. "Accordingly, the party is open to all Egyptians of various ideologies, including political Islam, liberalism and socialism."

In late April, ElBaradei announced the launch of the Constitution Party with the aim of creating a broad-based movement that might form "the nucleus of a coalition that would include all of Egypt's secular forces," ElBaradei's had said at the time.

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