April 6 Movement holds iftar in front of prison in solidarity with military detainees

Ahram Online, Saturday 28 Jul 2012

April 6th Movement will hold an iftar in front of the gates of Tora prison in solidarity with civilian protesters facing military trials

No to Military Trials
Past anti-military trials protest (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

The April 6 Youth Movement organises a Ramadan iftar (the dinner that breaks the fast) Saturday evening in front of Tora prison to express solidarity with thousands of detained protesters.

The prominent political pressure group is calling for the iftar in front of Tora prison in southern Cairo to support the detained civilians - most of whom were arrested during clashes and sit-ins in the 17 months following the 25 January uprising and have been tried in military courts.

The issue of trying civilians in military courts has been one of major criticisms against the military council, which took charge of the country after Hosni Mubarak was ousted from his presidential seat in February 2011.

The newly-inaugurated president, Mohamed Morsi, has formed a committee to review all cases of civilians currently detained by military authorities.

A total of 11,879 Egyptians have been detained by the military since last year's uprising, according to figures issued by the committee. Of these, 9,714 have since been released. Last week, 572 people who were granted presidential amnesty on the occasion of Ramadan.

Activists continue to call on President Mohamed Morsi to immediately end military trials for civilians and to issue a general amnesty for all military detainees and pay compensation to those who were tried in military courts.

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