Arab countries face serious challenges to security and stability: Egypt's parliament speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 25 Feb 2023

Arab countries are in serious need of cooperation and coordination to not fall victim to chaos and disintegration, said Speaker of Egypt's House of Representatives Hanafy El-Gebaly,

Hanafi Gebaly
File Photo: Speaker of Egypt s House of Representatives Hanafi Gebaly heading a session of the parliament. Al-Ahram


El-Gebaly's remarks came during the 34th conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union in Baghdad, Iraq, on Saturday.

He also referred to what he described "as serious challenges currently threatening the internal security and stability of Arab countries, and that it is high time for Arab countries to join forces in order to stand up to these challenges."

"The Arab countries have been going through waves of serious challenges that could end up disrupting the Arab world as a whole," said El-Gebaly, adding that "as a result, there is a pressing need for Arab countries to forge a unified approach for tackling challenges and achieving the public interests of their peoples."

El-Gebaly said Egypt has forged a comprehensive strategy that can protect Arab countries from the forces of chaos and disintegration.

"This Egyptian strategy is based on rejecting foreign intervention into the internal affairs of Arab countries and reinforcing Arab cooperation and integrity, and only through this strategy Arab countries can save themselves from chaos and destruction."

"Let us take Iraq as an example, this country has faced a host of complicated challenges and threats in recent years, and though the Iraqi people were able to overcome most of these challenges, they are still have the serious task of maintaining the stability of their country," said El-Gebaly.

"Egypt stands firmly against foreign intervention which attempts to foment internal trouble and sectarian strife in Iraq. Egypt and all Arab countries should do their best to keep Iraq a unified and stable state that will be an integral part of Arab national security and solidarity," he further stressed.

The Arab Parliamentary Union's conference is being held in Baghdad under the title "Arab Support for Reinforcing Iraq's Stability and Sovereignty."

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