Egypt's sure to have a cabinet on Thursday: President spokesman

Ahram Online, Tuesday 31 Jul 2012

Thursday is expected to be a big day for Egypt: Mohamed Morsi's spokesman says members of the presidential consultative body will be revealed, and the ministerial cabinet will be announced and sworn-in

The new government appointed by PM Hisham Qandil is to be both announced and sworn in on Thursday before President Mohamed Morsi, says the presidential spokesperson, Yasser Ali.

The spokesman also revealed that the members of the presidential team - a consultative body that is intended to be politically and socially inclusive - will also be announced on Thursday.

Ali confirmed that President Morsi and PM Qandil had agreed to make both announcements on the same day.

Qandil had declared on Monday that he had formed over 70 per cent of the new government. He added that he had not yet settled on a deputy prime minister for economic affairs.

President Morsi appointed Qandil as prime minister on 27 July after much criticism that the new president was not taking quick enough steps to form a new government. He received more criticism for his choice of prime minister because many believe Qandil has close ties with Islamists and lacks political experience.

Qandil announced that his government will be technocratic, rather than political and that he will base his choices on merit. His statement again raised skepticism as expectations were that the new government will be a coalition government, representing the different political parties.

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