Too many old regime faces in Egypt's new Cabinet: Sabbahi's Coalition group

Ahram Online, Saturday 4 Aug 2012

Hamdeen Sabbahi's newly-formed political coalition critises Egypt's new Cabinet, saying it contradicts with President Morsi's campaign promises

The Popular Current coalition led by former leftist Egyptian presidential frontrunner, Hamdeen Sabbahi, criticises President Mohamed Morsi's Cabinet, whose members were sworn in Thursday.

Overall, President Morsi's ministerial choices reflect that there is no difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military council in terms of public policy, says the leftist coalition.

"There were neither new criteria nor policies for choosing the ministers, which may explain the presence of many faces in the new government who belong to the old regime" said the statement released by the Popular Current Friday night.

The statement also denounced the Muslim Brotherhood for conforming to the addendum to the consitutional declaration issued by the military, which reduced the powers of the president and gave themselves themselves more powers.

The Brotherhood had originally protested the addendum and Morsi, who was the Brotherhood's presidential candidate, had furthermore promised to reject the addendum in exchange for support in runoff elections from several revolutionary forces.

The Popular Current charged that the ministers of the new governement do not reflect the promises Morsi made: It remains a largely technocratic government, whereas post-revolution Egypt is in need of a political, inclusive government.

Hamdeen Sabbahi - a longtime nationalistic, leftist politician - came in third place in Egypt's very tight presidential race in May.

Sabbahi announced the formation of the Popular Current in July as a national project which aims at executing Sabbahi's social and development programme as laid out in his campaign platform. They are also gearing up to contest in the upcoming parliament elections.

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