Sabbahi promotes Popular Current in Cairo slum

Ahram Online, Saturday 4 Aug 2012

Eliminated presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi has held a rally in the Mansheyet Nasser slum area in Cairo for his new coalition, dubbed the Popular Current

Former presidential candidate and longtime Nasserist Hamdeen Sabbahi held a popular rally in the impoverished district of Mansheyet Nasser in Cairo to call on residents to support his newly announced national coalition, dubbed the Popular Current.

Sabbahi told attendees that the immediate aim of the Popular Current is to establish bases in all Egyptian cities, so that it can emerge as a political movement from the street.

"The main battle for Egypt, even more important than the government and the constitution, is in achieving social justice," Sabbahi asserted during the rally held Friday night.

It was the first popular rally held to promote the Popular Current, which Sabbahi announced he was forming in July. The Popular Current's mission is to carry out the projects and ideas stated in Sabbahi's presidential platform, elaborated before he was eliminated from the race after coming third during the first round of the elections in May.

The Popular Current also aims at building a solid base capable of effectively contesting upcoming legislative elections. Sabbahi said during the rally that if one million join the Popular Current it will be able to contest upcoming municipal and parliamentary elections.

The rally was also attended by representatives from parties and movements taking part in the Popular Current, including the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the 6 April Youth Movement.

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