Final vote in the House on easing requirements for acquiring Egyptian nationality soon

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 12 Apr 2023

The House of Representatives provisionally approved on Wednesday legislative amendments under the 1975 law regulating naturalisation to ease requirements for acquiring Egyptian nationality.

Egypt s parliament
File Photo: Egypt s parliament. Al-Ahram


The amendments will be put up for a final vote in the upcoming session.

Parliament will take an 18-day break and is scheduled to reconvene on 30 April.

The amendments are meant to help foreign women and their children acquire an Egyptian nationality if they are born in Egypt.

They also allow foreign nationals to acquire Egyptian citizenship upon buying real estate units, making investments in the country or making certain deposit sums in the Central Bank of Egypt.

A report prepared by the House's National Security and Defence Committee said "the amendments are in line with the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruling that Article 6 of the 1975 law on Egyptian nationality be amended to put foreign women and men on equal footing in terms of acquiring Egyptian citizenship.

"Currently, children born to foreign men (not women) are allowed to acquire the Egyptian nationality. The law will be amended in line with the SCC ruling and international human rights conventions to give the same right to children born to foreign women," read the report.

"The amendments will also allow foreigners who buy property from private sector real estate companies to acquire Egyptian nationality, a privilege which is currently limited to foreigners who buy property from government-owned real estate companies," added the report.

One of the objectives of the amendments is to increase the attractiveness of investment in Egypt to support the economy - in terms of opening the door for foreigners to acquire Egyptian citizenship as long as they invest in Egypt or buy real estate in foreign currency, it said.

Speaker of Parliament Hanafy El-Gebaly said the amendments are in line with articles 6 and 11 of Egypt's 2014 constitution which obligates the state to achieve equality among men and women and observe international human rights conventions in this respect.

"The amendments will give foreign women and men who have an Egyptian nationality the right to pass it down to their children who are born in Egypt. It is up to the Egyptian government to decide in this respect because it is a matter of national sovereignty," said El-Gebaly.

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