Brotherhood urges reassessment of Camp David, denounces calls for violence

Ahram Online, Thursday 9 Aug 2012

Statement calls for implementation of law criminalising corruption and incitement of violence, denounces calls provoking violence against President Morsi and Brotherhood

Mohamed Badie
Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohamed Badei (Photo:Reuters)

Ikhwanonline, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, released a press statement Wednesday regarding Sunday's Sinai attack, calling for a reassessment of the Camp David treaty.

The statement urges the Armed Forces to focus on its sole mission of protecting Egypt and its borders.

On Sunday, an attack by unknown assailants on Egyptian border guards at the Egypt-Gaza border left 16 dead and seven injured. The following day, President Mohamed Morsi declared a three-day period of national mourning for those killed.

The statement also calls for the enforcement of a law criminalising corruption and those who seek to incite violence.

The Brotherhood statement referred to a number of calls inciting violence against the president and the group that led to an attempt at burning two of their headquarters last Friday.

The group accuses the prosecutor-general of neglecting all complaints filed against those who are behind these aggressive calls.

Members of the Freedom and Justice Party have filed complaints against former parliamentarians Mohamed Abu-Hamed, Mostafa El-Bakry and television anchor Tawfik Okasha, accusing them of inciting violence against the Brotherhood.

The group's statement pointed out that some individuals with anti-Egyptian agendas have used the recent attack in Sinai to promote political disputes.

During the military funeral, newly appointed Prime Minister Hisham Qandil was attacked by protesters following his arrival to Al-Rashdan Mosque, where the funeral prayer was taking place.

Morsi did not attend the funeral due to potential security threats from demonstrations against the state leader.

Yasser Ali, Morsi's spokesman, justified the president's absence, saying, "The scene was emotionally charged and for that reason the president decided not to go."

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