National Dialogue crafting proposals for all Egyptians: Coordinator

Ahram Online , Saturday 20 May 2023

The National Dialogue has made significant progress in formulating comprehensive proposals that address the concerns and interests of all Egyptians, as well as various associations and unions, announced Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the National Dialogue on Friday night.

Diaa Rashwan
File Photo: Diaa Rashwan, the National Dialogue s General Coordinator, speaking during the session of the Committee on Exercising Political Rights and Parliamentary Representation on Sunday. Official Facebook Page of the National Dialogue


"I am optimistic and confident that any recommendations issued will receive significant attention and prompt implementation by the political leadership, whether through legislation submitted to parliament or executive decisions," Rashwan said.

Speaking on the ETC channel’s New Egypt programme, Rashwan provided an insightful overview of the National Dialogue sessions held throughout last week.

During these sessions, a wide range of pivotal political, economic and social issues were thoroughly discussed, Rashwan said. Topics such as guardianship, social justice and legislative matters of utmost importance to the Egyptians were given due consideration and examination.

"There was consensus on the file of social justice and social protection, with no objections from any party. Significant efforts were made to develop these aspects, ensuring that they go beyond mere grants and financial assistance and transform into productive initiatives that generate sustainable income," he explained

In Tuesday's sessions, representatives from different political groups urged the expansion of social protection coverage and the strengthening of protection programmes to aid those in need during the high inflation caused by the global economic crisis. 

"Such [recommendations] will undergo meticulous examination and will be submitted to technical committees for a thorough assessment of their potential impact on the state budget."

According to the dialogue coordinator, over 1,600 participants joined the sessions over the course of the last week and approximately 440 attendees were provided with the platform to express their thoughts and insights. 

Rashwan emphasized the utmost importance of diverse voices. "The multiplicity of voices signifies a diversity of ideas," he stated, adding that the "truth does not reside solely in the hands of any individual."

An important agenda awaits the National Dialogue in its second week. Starting Sunday, discussions will focus on political parties, foreign and local investments, education and the population issue.

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