Hundreds of Egyptians in Tahrir to support Morsi

Ahram Online, Sunday 12 Aug 2012

Hundreds of Egyptians take to the streets to support the decisions of President Mohamed Morsi to sack the defence minister and the army's chief of staff

Hundreds of Egyptians converged on the iconic Tahrir Square and the Presidential Palace, which is located in Heliopolis suburb in Cairo, to support President Mohamed Morsi after he sacked the defence minister and the army's chief of staff on Sunday.

In an abrupt move, Morsi ordered Minister of Defence Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who was Egypt's de facto ruler before the Muslim Brotherhood member was elected as Egypt president, and the army's chief of staff Sami Anan to retire.

The majority of Egypt's pro-democracy supporters endorsed Mori's decision, as they believe it will curb the influence of an entrenched military establishment, although some critics have expressed concerns about how the new powers of the president will be wielded.


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