Egypt's Morsi honours retired military brass Tantawi and Anan

Ahram Online, Tuesday 14 Aug 2012

The former head of Egypt's military and one-time de facto ruler, Hussein Tantawi, and former chief of staff Sami Anan arrive to presidential palace to receive state medals

Mohammed Morsi
In this photo released by Middle East News Agency, former Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi, left, receives a high medal from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi at the Presidential Palace in Cairo (Photo: AP)

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi is set to honour the former head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) field marshall Hussein Tantawi and former chief of staff general Sami Anan in a celebration at the presidential palace on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Morsi cancelled the military-drafted addendum to the Constitutional Declaration, which put many authorities in military hands just before he was announced president in June.

Once the president wrested powers back to the executive, he nearly immediately announced he was retiring both top SCAF members and swore-in their replacements.

Morsi assures that the two top brass had agreed to retire and that they will work as his advisors.

Tantawi will be granted the Nile Medal, Egypt's highest state honour, and Anan the State Medal.

Tantawi was the subject of much criticism as many voices accused him of entrenching the old regime post-revolution.

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