Egypt's Morsi appoints new navy, air force and air defence commanders

Ahram Online , Tuesday 14 Aug 2012

Egypt’s President Morsi appoints new commanders of navy, air force and air defence after his decision on Sunday to retire the former commanders

President Mohamed Morsi on Tuesday appointed Major General Abdel Moneim Ibrahim as commander of the air defence force, Brigade Admiral Osama Ahmed Ahmed El-Gendy as commander of the navy, and Major General Younes Hamed as the commander of the air force.

Morsi retired the commanders of the air force, navy and air defence on Sunday and appointed them to civil positions.

Former naval commander Mohab Memish was appointed head of Egypt's Suez Canal Authority, former air force commander Reda Hafez was appointed military production minister, and former air defence commander Abdel-Aziz Seif El-Din was appointed chairman of the Arab Organisation for Industry.

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