Egyptian parliament's Social Solidarity Committee approves draft law creating fund to support the disabled

Gamal Essam El-Din , Tuesday 4 Jul 2023

The two-article bill, drafted by the House's deputy speaker Ahmed Saadeddin, is another step towards supporting people with disabilities.

Egypt s parliament. AFP
Egypt s parliament. AFP


"The bill will set up a fund whose proceeds will be used to offer social and economic protection services to people with disabilities and help them stand up to challenges facing them," said the draft law's report. It also noted that "it goes in line with the constitution whose articles (53, 80, 81, 93 and 214) obligate the state to do its best to support people with disabilities and help them be integrated into society."

Article two of the bill will obligate several entities to donate money to the proposed fund.

The Ministry of Defence will donate EGP 500 million, the Suez Canal Authority EGP 100 million, the New Housing Communities Authority EGP 200 million, the Tahia Masr Fund EGP 100 million, and the Martyrs Fund EGP 100 million.

These entities will have to transfer their donations to the disabled people's fund before the end of the financial year 2023-24.

"In total, the fund will receive EGP one billion in donations, and this is a big win to support disabled people," said the Social Solidarity Committee's chairman Abdel-Hadi Al-Qasabi, also noting that "the draft law is also a big win for the cause of human rights in Egypt, as disabled people are part of society and they deserve all kinds of support, particularly financial assistance, to help them live a normal life."

Al-Qasabi expressed deep thanks to the government for its support for the draft law despite the hard economic conditions hitting the country." "Not to mention that this is a constitutional obligation that we – the government and parliament – should be keen to meet," he added.

The bill will be up for a final discussion and vote when parliament reconvenes next week.

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