Egypt Cabinet withdraws citizenship from 3 siblings holding Israeli citizenship

Ahram Online , Friday 14 Jul 2023

Egypt Cabinet withdrew Egyptian citizenship Thursday from three citizens holding Israeli citizenship on charges of obtaining foreign citizenship without authorization.

Egypt s Ministry of Interior
Egypt s Ministry of Interior (Photo: Ahram)


The ruling was published in the 28th edition of the Cabinet's official gazette. 

Two of the three siblings, H. A and A.A, were born in 1997 and 1999 in Cairo, whereas the eldest sibling, A R.A., was born in 1995 on Israeli territory.

Egyptians may not travel to Israel unless they obtain security permission from the Egyptian government.

Furthermore, by marrying an Israeli, an Egyptian risks losing his citizenship. In 2016, Egypt’s administrative court ruled that marriage between Egyptians and Israelis threatens Egypt’s national security.  

The court further stated that the right to freely choose a marriage partner, otherwise protected by the constitution, does not exempt citizens from undertaking their responsibility to protect the state and society.  

The 2016 ruling complemented another  – issued by the same court a year before – that obliged the Egyptian Cabinet and the Ministry of Interior to strip Egyptians who marry Israelis of their citizenship on the grounds of Egyptian nationality law.  

According to Article 16 of the law, the Egyptian government reserves the right to strip Egyptian nationals of their citizenship in cases where Egypt’s national security and interests are threatened.

There are no official figures on the number of Egyptians married to Israelis. However, estimates suggest that thousands of Egyptian men are married to Israeli women, many of Arab origin (Palestinians who remained within Israel's 1948 borders).


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