Egypt must look to future and the new republic: Sisi on National Day

Ahram Online , Sunday 23 Jul 2023

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi honoured the leaders of the 23 July Revolution on the country’s National Day, affirming the government’s commitment to achieving future economic development and security under the new republic.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi


The president made his remarks Sunday in a recorded speech on the 71st anniversary of the 23 July Revolution, which ended the monarchy and established a republic.

The president extended his congratulations to the Egyptian people, recalling how their elders made “enormous sacrifices” for a “free and dignified” Egypt liberated from colonialism and foreign domination.


El-Sisi also extended his salutations to the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, leader of the revolution and Egypt’s second president, who fought colonial countries and forced them to leave the country.

El-Sisi further extended a salutation of pride to the late Mohammed Naguib, Egypt’s first president, who assumed responsibility at a “delicate moment in the life of the nation”

Finally, he honoured the late President Anwar Sadat "who fulfilled his duty in war and peace by freeing Sinai from foreign invaders and paid with his life for Egypt."

New republic

Citing Egypt’s tumultuous history since the 2011 Revolution, El-Sisi expressed the need to look to the future and to the new republic, which represents a “historical development of [Egypt’s] national march as a great nation to regain its rightful place.”

The president affirmed that the new republic will work to preserve and protect Egypt amidst complex international and regional issues that threaten the safety of the country.

The new republic is the result of “an unprecedented phase” in Egypt’s history that affirmed the need to protect the country’s security and stability above all, he added.

Social and economic development is a necessity, not a luxury, the president asserted.

The new republic seeks to provide equal opportunities for employment and a dignified life to its people in order to achieve sustainable development, he continued.

Such achievements require improving the educational, cultural, and health conditions of the Egyptian people, he clarified.

This will require a large amount of work within “an integrated societal framework” on the basis of balanced rights and duties, he asserted.

Concluding remarks

The president reaffirmed that Egypt is moving forward despite the many challenges it has faced since independence, adding that the government is working “diligently and sincerely” to make Egypt’s hopes into a reality.

Egypt’s people have already endured many hardships and crises setting an example for patience, the president continued.

He offered assurances that the state will exert its utmost efforts to provide its citizens with job opportunities, higher income, and new paths for economic development.

Finally, El-Sisi concluded his speech by thanking everyone for listening.

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