Election authority finalizing logistical arrangements for Egypt’s upcoming presidential polls

Ahram Online , Tuesday 22 Aug 2023

The National Election Authority (NEA) has affirmed that it is finalizing the logistical groundwork to conduct Egypt's presidential elections, slated to take place by the end of this year.

The National Election Authority (NEA) holds a meeting to complete the logistical preparations for Egypt s next presidential elections. MENA


In a statement released on Tuesday, the NEA's board said that it convened a meeting to deliberate on the electoral procedures for carrying out the forthcoming presidential elections, state news agency MENA reported.

During the meeting, the board reviewed the entire voting process from start to finish. According to the statement, they assessed the specific procedures at each stage, whether within the subcommittees, the general polling stations, or the NEA itself.

They also discussed projections of the electoral timeline, taking into account constitutional provisions.

While the NEA has yet to unveil the official timetable for the elections, prevailing legal insights indicate that the electoral process must begin no later than December. Article 140 of the constitution mandates that the process to select a new president must commence at least 120 days ahead of the conclusion of the incumbent president's term.

The constitution also stipulates that the announcement of the election results must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the culmination of the same period.

Voting must end before 18 January 2024, as this is the end of the ten years during which the constitution gives the NEA the power to place the election under full judicial supervision.

Incumbent President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who was first elected in 2014, secured re-election in 2018. His current term is set to expire on 2 April, 2024. El-Sisi may seek an additional six-year term until 2030, according to constitutional amendments ratified in 2019.

El-Sisi has yet to disclose his intentions regarding a potential third term candidacy. However, various political parties have called on him to submit a presidential bid.

Several public figures have recently announced their intentions to run in the upcoming presidential election.

So far, five people have expressed their plans to compete in the upcoming elections, including Abdel-Sanad Yamama, head of the Wafd Party; Fouad Badrawi, a former MP and member of the Wafd Party's Higher Council; Hazem Omar, head of the People's Republican Party; Ahmed El-Fadaly, chairman of the Democratic Peace Party; and Ahmed Tantawi, a former MP known for his opposition to El-Sisi’s policies.

The parties’ participation in the presidential elections come as the National Dialogue, which has seen discussions among political powers including opposition, has called for paving the way for a democratic atmosphere for a multi-candidate presidential elections.

Recently, the dialogue also submitted proposals to El-Sisi, calling for amending the 2014 presidential election law which caps campaign spending.

The NEA, which was established as per the 2014 constitution, is the independent body responsible for organizing and managing elections. Last June, El-Sisi appointed veteran judge Walid Hamza to chair the NEA.

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