Minister urges boycotters to rejoin Egypt's constitution drafting assembly

Ahram Online, Saturday 18 Aug 2012

Egypt's Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs urges on his Twitter account for boycotters of the Constituent Assembly to rejoin, saying their voice will protect freedoms

Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Mohamed Mahsoub (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs Mohamed Mahsoub urges members who boycotted the Constituent Assembly to rejoin the efforts to draft the constitution.

"I renew my call to those who are boycotting the Constituent Assembly to join because their valued contributions will settle disagreements in favour of rights and freedoms," Mahsoub tries to lure them through his Twitter account on Saturday.

Mahsoub, a prominent lawyer, adds that the constitution drafting body, which already has many constitutional experts, is missing many others who chose to boycott it or who were not originally included.

Mahsoub stresses, however, that the Assembly is open for everyone to take part in drafting Egypt's new constitution.

Furthermore, rights activist Manal El-Tiby did not leave the Assembly but temporarily froze her membership, claims Mahsoub, adding he supported her objection that the article concerning the right to housing should be revised.

Liberals, leftists and nationalists walked out en masse in June when the second Constituent Assembly was formed charging that the assembly was controlled by Islamists and, therefore, not representative of Egyptian society in its entirety. 

The first constituent assembly was dissolved in the spring for similar reasons.

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