Egypt future is insecure without strong political parties: Rashwan

Habiba Hamdy , Sunday 3 Sep 2023

“Egypt’s future is insecure without strong, effective parties that are truly present in public and political life,” General Coordinator of the National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan stated during the dialogue's Political Parties Committee session on Sunday.

Political parties committee
The Political Parties Committee of the National Dialogue s meeting on Sunday on political parties law, party alliances, and the function of the parties committee. Photo: National Dialogue.


The session was held to discuss the suggestions on laws regulating political parties and party alliances and the function of the parties committee.

 “Political parties are the engine of political life,” General Rapporteur of the Political Axis Ali El-Din Helal said.

Helal stated that it is difficult to imagine political life without strong and active parties that wield influence on the ground, noting that he refuses to describe current parties as weak and ineffective.

Nearly two weeks have passed since the dialogue's board of trustees completed and delivered to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi the recommendations of the first phase.

The sixth week of the dialogue is held under the theme "The Common Ground among All."

Multiple figures shared opinions during the session.

Assistant Rapporteur of the Parties Committee Khaled Daoud affirmed the importance of revitalizing the country’s parties.

Daoud also called for easing restrictions on the formation and composition of parties in light of the new republic’s aspirations.

He argued that those who judge parties are the people, emphasizing that opposition parties see a vital connection between parties and human rights.

Finally, he called for the freedom of the parties and the media.

Political Science Professor Amr Hamzawy proposed reforming the political party system by merging many parties to increase their organizational capabilities.

His suggestion was, however, vehemently rejected by the Free Egyptians Party – an officially secular liberal party – as infringing on parties’ independence and principles.

Free Egyptians party representative Islam El-Ghazouly stressed the importance of political pluralism and the diversity of voices and ideas in Parliament.

He expressed his party’s support for the proportional list system.

In conclusion, political science professor Mazen Abdel-Rahman addressed funding for parties.

The taxpayers, he argued, should not, however, be forced to fund parties whose ideas they oppose. 

Abdel-Rahman’s suggestion was met with opposition from Hamzawy, who argued that the financial and administrative governance law does not need any additions or changes.

The National Dialogue kicked off in May 2023, one year after President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi had called for it.

The dialogue discussed over the past weeks promoting public freedoms and human rights.

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