Mostaqbal Watan party maintains leading posts within Egypt’s House

Gamal Essam El-Din , Tuesday 3 Oct 2023

The pro-government Mostaqbal Watan (the Nation's Future) party — which holds 54 percent of seats of the Egyptian House of Representatives — maintained the leading posts of the parliament's 25 committees for the fourth legislative session, which kicked off on Sunday.

File photo of the Egyptian Parliament (Photo: Khaled Mashaal)
File photo of the Egyptian Parliament (Photo: Khaled Mashaal)


Under the parliament's internal bylaws, MPs meet at the beginning of each parliamentary session to elect a head, two deputies, and one secretary-general for each committee.

Seventeen Mostaqbal Watan affiliated MPs were selected as chairpersons of parliamentary committees in the fourth legislative session’s election held on Tuesday.

The results show that there was a change in four committees only.

Talaat El-Sewedy was elected chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee instead of Hossam Awadallah. Mohamed El-Sallab was elected chairman of the Industrial Committee instead of Moataz Mahmoud.

Mohamed Attiya Al-Fayoumi was elected chairman of the Housing Committee instead of Emad Saad Hammouda. Ahmed Fouad Abaza was elected chairman of the Arab Affairs Committee instead of Youssri Al-Moghazi.

The following is a complete list of MPs who were elected chairmen of parliament's 25 committees:

The Sports and Youth Committee: Mahmoud Hussein

The Social Solidarity Committee: Abdel-Hadi El-Qasabi

The Education Committee: Sami Hashem

The Labour Force Committee: Adel Abdel-Fadil

The Complaints and Proposals Committee: Atef Nasser

The Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee: Nora Ali

The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee: Hesham El-Hosary

The Energy and Environment Committee: Talaat El-Sewedy

The Telecommunications and Information Technology Committee: Ahmed Badawi

The Housing Committee: Mohamed Atiya Al-Fayoumi 

The Transport Committee: Alaa Abed 

The Economic Affairs Committee: Mohamed Soliman 

The Small-scale Enterprises Committee: Mohamed Kamal Marie

The Human Rights Committee: Tarek Radwan 

The Foreign Affairs Committee: Karim Darwish 

The Health Affairs Committee: Ashraf Hatem 

The Local Administration Committee: Ahmed El-Signi 

The Arab Affairs Committee: Ahmed Fouad Abaza 

The Religious Affairs Committee: Ali Gomaa 

The Budget and Plan Committee: Fakhry El-Fiqi 

The Culture, Media and Antiquities Committee: Doreya Sharafeddin 

The Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: Ibrahim El-Heneidi 

The African Affairs Committee: Sherif El-Gabali 

The Industrial Committee: Mohamed Al-Sallab 

The Proposals and Complaints Committee: Atef Nasser 

Mostaqbal Watan MPs were elected as chairpersons of the majority of the House's committees in the past three parliamentary sessions.

The party holds a majority of 316 seats out of a total of 596 seats in parliament.

In a plenary session held following the poll, Parliament Speaker Hanafy Gebaly said no complaints were filed against the results of the elections.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Alaa Fouad said the government vows to fully cooperate with the parliament to achieve the Egyptian aspirations and implement development programs.

Parliament will reconvene on 15 October.

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