Egypt's parliament grants Sisi a "mandate" to protect national security

Gamal Essam El-Din , Thursday 19 Oct 2023

Egypt's parliament – the House of Representatives – gave President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and the armed forces Thursday a "mandate" to take all the necessary measures to ensure Egypt's national security and protect Egypt from foreign threats, particularly Israel's attempts to deport Palestinians in Gaza to Sinai.

Egyptian MPs holding Egyptian flags and wearing Palestinian Kuffayieh in the session at Egypt s House of Representatives on Thursday in Cairo. Photo : Al-Ahram


A statement read out by the House's deputy speaker, Ahmed Saadeddin, hailed President El-Sisi's condemnation of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and his total rejection of Israel's attempt to displace the Palestinians in Gaza and relocate them to Sinai.

"This is a war crime and an immoral attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause," the House's statement said.

The statement added that with distressed hearts, Egypt's parliament follows "the horrible atrocities being committed by the Israeli occupation forces against innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza."

Killing innocent civilians and shelling Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday represents a crime against humanity, the statement said, adding that Israel is not acting in self-defence but systematically destroying the Palestinians’ infrastructure in Gaza.

The House also decided to send a message in Arabic and English to the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union, outlining the position of the Egyptian parliament on Israel's violation of international law and its war crimes in Palestine.  

MP Amr El-Borollosi said the House's emergency session is not just about “showing solidarity with the Palestinians, but it is also about taking all measures necessary to defend the integrity of Egyptian lands in the face of Israeli conspiracies,” stressing that the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel “should not stand as an obstacle in this."

MPs holding Egyptian flags and wearing Palestinian shawls (keffiyeh) took the floor to denounce Israel’s savage war crimes against the Palestinians and condemn any malicious Israeli attempts to deport Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai in Egypt.

They described these attempts as a grave threat to the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, and they called on Egyptians to protest against Israeli conspiracies and declare support for President El-Sisi and the armed forces in taking all measures necessary to protect Egypt's national security.

The House's emergency session comes amid calls by some political parties for nationwide protests on Friday to denounce Israel's war on Gaza and the prospect of forcibly relocating Palestinians to Sinai.

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