Former MP lambasts Egypt's Brotherhood in televised interview

Ahram Online , Monday 27 Aug 2012

Former independent MP El-Fakharani lambasts President Morsi and the Brotherhood on many fronts - including the lack of financial transparency

Former MP Hamdi El-Fakharani

Former independent MP Hamdy El-Fakharani launched renewed criticism of President Mohamed Morsi late Sunday for encouraging members of the Muslim Brotherhood - the group Morsi hails from - to counter the anti-Brotherhood, anti-Morsi demonstrations held last Friday.

Hundreds of activists and former regime supporters, as well as few Coptic Christian groups organised what was supposed to be a million-man demonstration in front of the presidential palace in the Korba suburb to call for an end to the Morsi regime and the "Brotherhoodisation" of Egypt.

Fakharani noted the unequal treatment of the anti-Brotherhood protesters in comparison to the Brotherhood supporters.

"When Brotherhood members protest no one complains that they have disrupted traffic, for example, but once protests erupt in opposition to his [Morsi's] decisions, they are accused of trying to bring the country to turmoil," asserted Fakharni in a televised interview.

Doubters believe it is the Brotherhood and its leaders who actually rule Egypt and not President Morsi, who stressed more than once that he is completely independent and only committed to Egypt

In the same interview on the privately-owned Sada El-Balad television station, Fakharani also called on the Brotherhood to either disband or submit to standard financial supervision. This is in light of the fact that Egypt's Central Auditing Agency (CAA) does not have any documents outlining the Muslim Brotherhood's expenses and revenues.

"As soon as you conceal your expenses, you are, in fact, an illegitimate organisation," asserted Fakharani, meanwhile, he stressed not to underestimate Egyptian's intelligence and vigilance.

The liberal MP did not stop there: he also blasted former parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni for continuing to use bodyguards and private cars assigned to him while in his post.

Separately, Fakharani also attacked the Brotherhood for backtracking on their criticism of International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans while Kamal El-Ganzouri was prime minister, yet they accepted a $4.8 billion loan on 22 August.

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