Egypt activists criticise the accusation of 'toppling the regime'

Ahram Online, Monday 27 Aug 2012

Many activists fear that the freedom to protest is threatened after former MP Mohamed Abu-Hamed is accused of planning to overthrow the regime

Abu Hamed
Former MP Mohamed Abo Hamed

A number of political figures have voiced their opposition to the accusation of  'toppling the regime' arguing it is a threat to freedom.

A complaint was filed against former member of the dissolved parliament Mohamed Abu-Hamed on Sunday to the state security prosecutor accusing him of attempting to overthrow the regime and of receiving foreign funds. Abu-Hamed is a vocal critic of the Brotherhood and played a prominent role in calls for anti-Brotherhood protests on 24 August.

"We do not stand in solidarity with Abu-Hamed and can never agree on his logic or demands, however we oppose the accusation of toppling the regime or any form of censoring opinion whatever that opinion may be," said Ahmed Maher founder of the April 6 Youth Movement.

Similarly, human rights lawyer Gamal Eid said, "We disagree with Abu-Hamed but we're against punishing him. While accusations against Abu-Hamed are filed fast, there is no movement regarding those accused of killing, so this is not justice."

Also condemning the existence of such a charge are the April 6 Democratic Front, who stated that no peaceful protester should being punished for their political opinions or face the accusation of attempting to toppling the regime.

The movement further released a statement in which they stated that "if that's the case then let's put the January 25 revolutionaries on trial for ousting Mubarak."

In a statement published by the Democratic Front Party criticising the accusation of seeking to topple the regime, the party denounced the move saying it resembles the tactics of the former regime towards the opposition, depriving them from of their constitutional rights and freedom of expression.

The party stressed that peaceful protesting is always legitimate as long as it does not violate the law.

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