Youth want Google's Ghoneim to speak for Egyptian revolution

Ahram Online, Tuesday 8 Feb 2011

Upon his release from detention, Google's marketing manager Wael Ghoneim is being voted a leading spokesman for the revolution

Wael Ghoenim

Over 100 thousand Egyptians have authorized Wael Ghoneim to represent the January 25 uprising.

The authorization process took place after Ghoneim appeared on TV on the popular talk show “Al Ashera Masaan” (The 10 o’clock show). Mohamed Garhy founded a Facebook page titled “I authorize Wael Ghoneim to speak on the behalf of the January 25 revolution”.

Garhy states that he came up with the idea because of Ghoniem's efforts in influencing and encouraging Egyptian youth to speak their minds and unite against the regime of Honsi Mubarak .

Garhy is encouraging more Egyptians to subscribe.

Ghoneim is Google’s regional marketing manager in the Middle East, founder of the “Kolona Khaled Said” (We are all Khaled Said) Facebook page and one of the masterminds behind the January 25 revolt in Egypt.

Ghoneim was detained on January 27 and was set free yesterday. 

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