Media figures demand resignation of Egyptian information minister

Ahram Online, Tuesday 8 Feb 2011

Following the warped and falsified coverage by state media of the demonstrations that have rocked Egypt's oppressive regime, the minister responsible stands accused

More than five hundred media figures declared their rejection of official media coverage of the January 25 uprising and demanded that Minister of Information Anas El-Fikki stepdown.

They issued a statement expressing their anger towards the falsification of facts and lack of transparency in the coverage of the popular anti-Mubarak regime revolt led by Egyptian youth.

Moreover, they demanded the official media to stop such falsification and to apologize.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights went on to state its firm belief that no reforms would take place as long as El-Fikki remains in office.

They highlighted the fact that Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik had stated previously that reforms should take place, however, that seems impossible as El-Fikki has been a hostile opponent to freedom of expression. They also accused him of spreading false information about the demonstrations, labelling this as a "shameful” act.

Among the notable signatories to the statement were poets Abdel Rahman El-Abnoudi and Ahmed Fouad Negm, journalists Ibrahim Eissa and Abla El-Rouiny, and actor Amr Waked.

As well as the isolation of El-Fikki, another key demand was for the minister to face trial.

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