All you need to know about Egypt's new Parliament HQ at New Administrative Capital

Ahram Online , Sunday 31 Mar 2024

The new headquarters of the Egyptian parliament at the New Administrative Capital (NAC) will witness President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's inauguration for a third presidential term on Tuesday 2 April.

 New Parliament HQ
The Egyptian Parliament in the New Administrative Capital


The new Egyptian parliament buidling showcases meticulous attention to detail and locally sourced materials.

The state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with cutting-edge amenities, including advanced lighting, alarm systems, fire prevention measures, and centralized air conditioning, ensuring optimal functionality and comfort. 

The grand structure comprises two striking domes: the primary metal dome (50 metres in diameter) and the secondary concrete dome of a diameter of 50 metres.

The building has six entrances, including two main and four auxiliary ones, to accommodate the flow of dignitaries and visitors.

The Egyptian parliament also features a multi-level layout, comprising a basement, ground floor, and eight additional floors, providing ample space for various administrative functions.

Additionally, the premises include several ancillary buildings across a sprawling area of 34,000 square metres, offering essential services and amenities to support the functioning of the legislative body.

These auxiliary structures encompass diverse facilities, including an electromechanical services building, a mosque capable of accommodating 250 worshippers, and a medical centre.

Furthermore, the site incorporates a council services building, a security facility, and a fire station.

El-Sisi, who would assume his official duties from the presidency headquarters at the NAC, will be sworn in as president for a six-year term on Tuesday.

According to reports, the president will deliver a speech after taking the constitutional oath.

The NAC, located 60 km east of downtown Cairo, is built on an area of 1.5 million square metres.

Once completed, it is expected to accommodate 6.5 million residents.

Ministries and government entities like the cabinet and parliament have relocated to the NAC.

In November, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly stated that 48,108 employees have already relocated to the new capital.

Below are details about Egypt’s new parliament headquarters at the new capital:

  • Total area of the project: 25.87 feddan, equivalent to 108,659 m2.
  • Total built-up area: 181,759 m2, with a building rate of 12.9% of the total area.
  • The components of the project:
    • Main building includes a basement floor, ground floor, and 8 typical floors.
    • Service buildings encompass a land area of 34,000 m2 and a building area of 65,230 m2.
    • Electromechanical services building occupies 793.6 m2.
    • Mosque accommodates 250 worshipers.
    • Medical center covers 1,458 m2.
    • Parliament services building spans 1,314 m2.
    • Security building extends over 1,240 m2.
    • Fire station area is 885.3 m2.
    • Garages on two floors have a total area of 65,230 m2 and a capacity for 1500 cars.
    • Walls are 1400 m in length with 6 entrances (2 main entrances and 4 secondary entrances).
  • The main hall of the parliament building:
    • Accommodates 1000 members and offices for 3200 employees.
    • Area: 3500 m2.
    • Height: 65m.
    • Lower dome is a steel structure with a diameter of 52 m, and the upper concrete dome has a diameter of 57m.
    • Contains about 225 m3 of concrete and a metal mast at a height of 75m.
    • Implementation required 200,000 m3 of formwork inside the Parliament hall and a temporary metal tower of 70 tons.
  • The project features locally made materials and the latest lighting, alarm, fire, and central air conditioning systems.


The story was updated on Monday, 1 April, with information provided by the project's general contractor, the Arab Contractors​

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