In Photos: Sisi thanks Egyptians for persevering to overcome difficult circumstances at annual iftar

Ahram Online , Saturday 6 Apr 2024

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi thanked Egyptians for persevering against difficult circumstances to continue the journey toward progress and development.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi at the Egyptian Family iftar. Egyptian presidency


"I register my admiration and respect for every Egyptian - man or woman - who exercised patience so that we can continue the journey and overcome terrorism and a difficult economic situation,” President El-Sisi said in a brief speech at the annual Egyptian Family iftar on Saturday.

“We are facing challenging circumstances regionally and globally which impacts us,” noted the president. 

National Dialogue

President El-Sisi emphasized support for continuing an open national dialogue for an extended period with the participation of broader segments of society.

 "Dialogue is not limited to intellectuals but involves the general public ... We achieved better communication since its inception," he said.

He emphasized the importance of continuing dialogue across seven axes - including economic, social, and religious tracks - to deal with the challenges of the past six months that affected the Arab region.

“Supporting openness and political reform was initiated with the national dialogue in April 2022," he noted.

"I endorsed its initial outcomes, and directed the government and state institutions to implement and support youth and women empowerment across political, economic, and social spheres," he said.

Pledges for 3rd presidential term

“Two days ago, I took the constitutional oath and pledged to protect the people's interest and safeguard the country's territorial integrity. Today, I pledge to continue striving for Egypt's prosperity; providing a dignified life for its people, preserving national security and independence; enhancing its regional leadership; and maintaining its international role,” said El-Sisi, who swore in as president for a third term on Tuesday.

President El-Sisi said he is committed in his new presidential term to continuing economic reform measures focused on industrial localization, agricultural expansion, increasing foreign direct investment, supporting the private sector, and providing necessary social protection for vulnerable groups.

El-Sisi added that Egyptian human development is a top priority, including ensuring a dignified life, quality education, healthcare, and adequate housing.

He stressed that he would uphold strategic balance policies in Egypt's approach to international and regional issues, guided by clear national objectives, including safeguarding national security, promoting comprehensive peace based on justice, supporting national institutions, and respecting the people's will.

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