Four arrested for climbing over US embassy wall in Cairo

MENA, Wednesday 12 Sep 2012

Egyptian security officers track down protesters who scaled the US embassy wall during a protest against an anti-Islam film, grabbing and burning the embassy flag

U.S. embassy
Egyptian riot police secure the walls of the U.S. embassy during an anti U.S. demonstration in front of it in Cairo, Egypt (Photo: AP)

Egyptian security officers arrested Wednesday four suspects accused of breaching the grounds of the US Embassy in Cairo during a protest Tuesday against a film deemed insulting to Islam's Prophet Mohamed.

The suspects were transferred to the Kasr El-Nil prosecutor's office to be charged. Other suspects are currently being tracked down by the police.

Thousands of protesters crowded the US embassy grounds in Cairo's upscale Garden City district on Tuesday condemning the film.

Protesters demanded the expulsion of the US ambassador to Egypt and a public apology from the United States' administration.

Initially, the film was thought to have been made by US-based Coptic-Christian activists, but was later found to have been produced by US-Israeli dual-national filmmaker Sam Bacile.

The film was, however, promoted by Maurice Sadek, a controversial Coptic figure living in the US, along with Pastor Terry Jones, a firebrand American Christian preacher known for organising mass burnings of Muslim holy book the Quran.

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