Media host Okasha blames president Morsi for 'death threats'

Ahram Online , Monday 17 Sep 2012

Controversial figure Tawfiq Okasha has launched a case against President Morsi and other senior Brotherhood figures, blaming them for a campaign of hate mail and death threats against him

Tawfik Okasha (Photo: Reuters)

On Monday, prosecutors questioned controversial media figure Tawfiq Okasha in relation to a complaint filed by him against President Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood group leader Mohamed Badie, and deputy head of the Brotherhood group, Khairat El-Shater, accusing them of involvement in a hate mail campaign against him.

Okasha and his lawyer, Khaled Soliman, filed a case alleging that both men had been sent mail containing death threats, posted to Okasha’s mother’s house in the Daqahliya governorate and to the Fareen Channel owned by Okasha located in Media City in the suburbs of Cairo.

Okasha explained that the content of the messages received show that their author is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was incited by the three Brotherhood leaders accused in the case.

“Oblige your son to stop approaching the Brothers and Morsi and stop being impolite, or else you will regret losing him together with your grandchildren,” said one of the four messages allegedly mailed to his mother that Okasha presented during the investigations.

Other messages also included threats that Okasha will be killed if he does not apologise for opposing Morsi and the Brotherhood.

On 10 August, Egyptian authorities accused Okasha of calling for the violent overthrow of President Morsi, following complaints against the anchor from a number of lawyers and revolutionary figures.

On the same date, authorities ordered Okasha's Faraeen satellite channel to cease transmission for at least one month. The channel has not been on air since.

The order came following a lawsuit filed by the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which has accused Okasha of inciting violence against the Brotherhood and encouraging attacks on President Mohamed Morsi, who hails from the Brotherhood's ranks.

Successive court hearings are taking place, with the last one adjourned to 3 October.

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