Egypt's Constituent Assembly agrees Morsi to continue four-year term

Ahram Online, Thursday 20 Sep 2012

System of Governance Committee confirms President Morsi will complete full term, amid debate over fresh presidential elections following completion of Egypt's constitution

Constituent Assembly
A general view of the two chambers of parliament meeting to elect the 100 members of the constituent assembly in Cairo, Egypt (Photo: Reuters)


System of Governance Committee in Egypt's Constituent Assembly agreed Wednesday that an interim article will be included in the new constitution affirming that President Mohamed Morsi will continue his presidential term for the full four years, as laid out in the current constitutional declaration.

Member of the committee Mohamed Mohie-Eddin told MENA, Thursday, the committee also settled on several transitional provisions for the new charter, including retaining the incumbent Shura Council (Egypt's upper house of parliament) and keeping the current electoral system for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

These decisions come amid disagreements over whether there should be fresh presidential elections following the inauguration of the new constitutional document.

Constitutional law expert Nour Farahat told pan-Arab news channel Al-Arabiya, Wednesday, that following the completion of the new constitutional document, the presidential seat should be subject to new elections, which would dictate whether or not Morsi will continue as president.

Farahat added that this procedure could take place concurrent to the expected national referendum over the new constitution.  

The committee is expected to reconvene on Sunday where they will decide on how the upcoming parliamentary elections will be carried out, Mohie-Eddin confirmed.

Following earlier reports, the draft section of the upcoming constitution's system of governance section is expected to be ready Sunday. The full charter, yet to be completed, will face a national referendum, following which parliamentary elections are set to be held. 

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