Satan behind anti-Islam film: Egyptian bishop

Ahram Online, Monday 24 Sep 2012

Bishop Paul of Egyptian Orthodox Church claims anti-Islam film is work of Devil, blasphemous films aim to promote atheism

Bishop Paul
Egyptian Bishop Paul (Photo: Reuters)

Satan is behind all films that insult Islam or Christianity, Bishop Paul of the Egyptian Orthodox Church told an 'Egypt Message of Peace' press conference on Sunday.

The Devil uses human beings to spark sectarian conflict, therefore the battle against sectarianism is a war against the Devil, he claimed.

Blasphemous films aim to promote atheism, he added.

The anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, provoked angry protests throughout much of the Islamic world earlier this month. The US embassy in Cairo was attacked by angry Muslims and the US ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the French embassy in Cairo on Friday to condemn the publication of insulting cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed in the French satirical weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

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