Egypt's Brotherhood calls for protests to continue

Friday 11 Feb 2011

Muslim Brotherhood releases a statement on Ikhwanonline, their official portal, slamming the statements issued by Mubarak and his deputy and asking people to continue protesting

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, urged Egyptians on Friday to stay on the streets to oust President Hosni Mubarak from power, calling the veteran ruler's latest speech a trick.

"Mubarak appeared before us with a stinging speech that proves that he is still in charge. He still says he will do this and do that but will delegate authority to his deputy. But it's just more deceptive words to stop the people's demands," the Islamist movement said in a statement.

Mubarak said in the speech he was giving Vice-President Omar Suleiman presidential powers but gave no details and said he intended to stay in office until elections in September.

Suleiman promised in a speech afterwards to carry out political and constitutional reforms that Mubarak had authorised, and urged protesters to return home.

"The two statements issued by Mubarak and his deputy are rejected by the people," said the Brotherhood.

"It is your fate to face an arrogant, corrupt regime that is betting on your patience and ability running out, so prove how patient and determined and insistent you are and take back your rights," the statement said, addressing the people.

Mubarak has long presented himself to the West as a bulwark against the officially banned Brotherhood, the oldest Islamist group in the Arab world.

But representatives of the movement attended talks about constitutional reform with vice-president Suleiman this week -- the first time they have been offered such a political role at the table.

The group's statement was issued before an army communique on Friday saying the military would guarantee that Mubarak's promised reforms were carried out.

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