Abdel Ghafour: No reconciliation with the rest of Nour Party

Ahram Online , Tuesday 2 Oct 2012

Dismissed Nour leader Abdel Ghafour has said that there are no current plans to reconcile the warring factions within the party

Abdel Ghafour
Abdel Ghafour (Photo: AL-Ahram)

Emad Abdel Ghafour, the former leader of the Salafist Nour Party, told Ahram Arabic news website that there are no plans for reconciliation between himself and the members of the party’s supreme commission, who withdrew confidence in him and appointed vice president Mostafa Khalifa as leader of the party.

“The reconciliation plans are only heard in the media,” Abdel Ghafour said, adding that he tried to reconcile with the Salafist Calling, a Salafist group that is influential within the Nour Party, over the past two months and that he had managed to reach some sort of reconciliation in the month of Ramadan with the head of the board, yet they failed to reach a final agreement.

"The Salafist Calling’s head of the board has been refusing to discuss any reconciliation plans," Abdel Ghafour said.

The Salafist Calling, led by influential Sheikh Yasser El-Borhami, took the side of the members of the party’s supreme commission in the conflict that divided the party between two fronts, the supporters of El-Borhami and those of 'reformist' Abdel Ghafour.

The Nour Party was the second most powerful political party in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, coming second in the parliamentary elections.

Ghafour, who was appointed by President Morsi to be his advisor on social communications, stated that he accepts that reconciliation take place through the Salafist Calling’s board of trustees.

"Everybody knows that we will accept reconciliation only through the Calling’s board of trustees, because of its scholarship and historical value among members of the Salafist movement in Egypt," he said.

Last Monday, El-Borhami's supporters held a press conference announcing that the supreme commission’s decision to withdraw confidence from Abdel Ghafour was “an internal reorganisation of the party.”

On his part, Abdel Ghafour, who announced last week that he had dismissed several members of the supreme commission because of what he considered to be cooperation with former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq, is still insisting that he is the leader of the party.

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