Salafist Front to establish new political party

Ahram Online , Monday 8 Oct 2012

'The People' will be latest party to enter Egyptian political scene in build up to parliamentary elections expected in early 2013

Dr. Khaled Saeed
A Snap shot from video of Khaled Saeed, spokesperson of salafist new party

The Salafist Front has announced its intention to form a political party called 'The People'.

Khaled Saeed, the front's spokesperson, told the Ahram Arabic news website on Monday that the party would represent a large sector of people across the country.

The party would be officially launched next week, he added.

The party would seek to attract voters from beyond the Salafist Front, said Saeed, just as the Salafist Nour Party had gained voters who were not linked to its founding organisation, the Salafist Calling.

In addition, the party would act like a pressure group to promote the interests of Egyptian Islamists.

Saeed added that the party's platform would include policies on workers and farmers, pension reform, poverty alleviation, Sinai and Nubia, and would appeal beyond the main Islamist constituencies of students and the middle class.  

The party would participate in upcoming parliamentary election, according to Saeed, and possibly enter into an electoral coalition with other parties.

The Salafist Front is one of a number of Salafist movements to emerge after the Egyptian Revolution and includes several prominent preachers and activists.

Said's announcement comes at a time when the Salafist Nour Party, which came second in the first post-revolution parliamentary election, is facing an internal crisis.

Former Salafist presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail is expected to announce the formation of his own Salafist political party, The Nation, in the coming weeks. The party is likely to attract a large number of Salafist voters due to Abu-Ismail huge personal popularity.

Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, the moderate Islamist former presidential candidate, recently founded the Strong Egypt Party, and liberal political icon Mohamed ElBaradei has launched the Constitution Party.

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