Battle over Tahrir square continues

Salma Shukrallah, Sunday 13 Feb 2011

Hundreds head to Tahrir square following news of its evacuation


In an attempt to empty Tahrir square, military police entered early Sunday morning urging protestors to leave. The attempt resulted in minor skirmishes between demonstrators and the military that eventually calmed down.

Traffic can now pass through Tahrir square again but with some congestion as demonstrators still refuse to leave and are circled at the peripheries of the square by military police. Several thousands are still gathered and more are seen coming in through Kasr El-Nil bridge and other roads leading to the square. The flow of people seemed to increase after news of the military evacuation spread.

Despite Mubarak's resignation, some of the protestors who have been sleeping in the square the past three weeks, pledged to continue their sit-in until all the revolution's demands are met. However, others decided to leave after the first demand, that Mubarak steps down, has been met.

The demands stated include ending emergency law, the dissolution of parliament and Shoura council, the release of all political prisinors and the formation of a civil presidential council. 

The grassy traffic island in the center of the square still houses hundreds of protestors and a couple of tents. The sidewalks are still packed with demonstrators but the roads have been cleared to allow cars to drive through. Many have also marched to the square to continue the celebrations that started on 11 February when Mubarak stepped down.


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