Egyptian parties, movements announce solidarity with doctors' strike

Ahram Online , Tuesday 9 Oct 2012

Dozens of parties and movements said on Tuesday they completely stand by striking Egyptian doctors

Doctors strike
Doctors strike at Mounira Hospital in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

A number of parties, trade unions and political movements have announced their solidarity with the ongoing doctors' strike, supporting its demands for a better healthcare system and better pay for the doctors and those who work in the health sector.

In a joint statement issued on Tuesday, more that 26 political movements said they fully support the doctors' strike, which enters its 10th day.

"We salute the doctors' position against the huge pressure from president Mohamed Morsi's regime in order to end the strike," the statement added, saying the strike is subject to defamation by state-owned media.

"We express our concern with the ruling regime's actions. They are neglecting the doctors' rights to social justice, reneging on the promises they made during the presidential elections.

"They are also defaming those who are trying to achieve social justice."

The signatories included The Independent Unions Federation, Strong Egypt Party, Egyptian Current Party, Revolutionary Socialists, The Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Salafyo Costa Movement  and The Egyptian Popular Current.

They will hold a press conference on Wednesday in the Doctors Syndicate headquarters to further voice their support for the striking doctors.

The strikers have been calling for 15 per cent of the state budget, instead of the current 5 per cent, to be allocated to health, an improvement in doctors' salaries, and an improvement in security at hospitals and medical centres which have been the target of recent attacks.

The partial strike, which began on 1 October, does not include university, police and army hospitals, or emergency rooms.

The striking doctors said they would hold a news conference on Wednesday to reveal the next steps they would take if their demands were not met.

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