Egypt court postpones case against Constituent Assembly

AFP and Ahram Online, Wednesday 10 Oct 2012

Fate of charter-writing body is still up in the air as decision is pushed back until 16 October

Egyptian parliamentarians cast ballots to select a 100-member constituent assembly panel in March 2012 (Photo: AP)


Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court on Tuesday postponed a ruling on the fate of the assembly charged with writing the country's new constitution.
A ruling on the legality of the Constitutent Assembly had been widely expected on Tuesday but Judge Farid Nazih put off the hearing until 16 October to review more documents, judicial officials said.
Several lawsuits have been filed challenging the constitutionality of the committee and the mechanism for choosing its members.
The High Constitutional Court declared in June that the law which regulated the election of the People's Assembly -- Egypt's lower house of parliament -- was unconstitutional, leading the then-ruling military council to dissolve the legislative body.
Because the People's Assembly had appointed the 100-members of the Constituent Assembly, the legitimacy of assembly itself came into question.
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