Egypt supreme military council dissolves parliament, suspends constitution

Ahram Online, Sunday 13 Feb 2011

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has issued its "Communique 5" on Sunday, which includes, among others, directives to dissolve the parliament and suspend the constitution

Tahrir Square
Anti-government protestors demonstrate in Tahrir square in Cairo (photo: AP)

Egypt's Supreme council of the armed forces announced Sunday the suspension of the constitution, in a statement read out on state television, in "Communique 5" of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

They announced that they will dissolve the parliament dominated by the ruling party of former president Hosni Mubarak, two days after he was overthrown in a popular revolt.

The statement included nine directives that determine how the country will be run in the coming period. They include:

1- Suspension of the constitution.

2- The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will run the country for an approximate six-month period until democratic elections that would bring a new civilian government to power are held.

3- The head of the council shall represent the council both internally and externally.

4-  The parliament and Shura Council will be dissolved.

5- The council will issue laws and decrees during the transitional period

6- A committee will be created to amend the constitution.

7- The current government will be allowed to continue until a new government is formed.

8- New presidential elections, as well as elections for the parliament and Shura Council, will be conducted.

9- The council will ensure that Egypt commits to all international treaties and agreements.


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